What does it mean "insurance approved door and window locks fitted"?

Worryingly, it has come to our attention that a majority of UK householders have no idea regarding the types of locks that are fitted to their doors & windows. This means householders have no idea as to the security that their locks provide.

Not taking this matter seriously, could lead to a claim on your insurance policy being deemed invalid in the aftermath of a burglary, and you could find yourselves thousands of pounds out of pocket.

This article has been written to answer any questions you may have about insurance-approved locks.

Why Does the Type of Lock Matter?

Before you spend time making price comparisons between rival insurance companies, make sure to understand what you need to check.

Most home content policies will state the following "You must have a 'five-lever mortise lock' conforming to BS3621 on all exit doors and key-operated locks on all ground floor and accessible windows" - although the wording may vary slightly, this is the basic meaning you'll see.

Not all policies insist on such locks, however, some offer you a discount of up to 5% if you have them installed. If you have been quoted a price which sounds great to you, check the policy first, as it may require that you fit security locks that provide higher security than the standard BS3621.

Below is the standard security as shown on popular home insurance policies:

  1. All accessible windows have key operated locks (a).
  2. The main entrance door, sliding patio doors or any other external doors are fitted with either:
    • A wooden door with a five lever mortice deadlock (b) or
    • A wooden door with a lock approved to the British Standard BS3621 (c) or
    • A wooden door with a cylinder rim dead latch with a key-locking handle on the inside or
    • UPVC doors with multi-point locking (d).
  3. If any sliding patio doors do not have one of the three options above, they need to have key operated patio-door lock mounted inside on the centre rails (e).
  4. If any external doors do not have one of the three options above they need to have key-operated security devices fitted to the top and bottom in addition to existing locks.

Prevent Problems With The Right Locks

To ensure that you don't encounter problems, you must understand all your insurance policy requirements. We would advise asking your insurer to send you a diagram which clearly shows the different types of locks required according to their insurance policy.

Our technicians at Kyox Locksmiths of Enfield are experienced in all areas related to the fitting of insurance locks and will happily provide over-the-phone or on-site assistance. We can of course carry out the installation of all locks to meet your insurance requirements, which will not only save you a headache but also provide you with true peace of mind.

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