Commercial Locksmith Services

When it comes to commercial property, as a business owner concerned about the security of his / her business, you have to take few factors into consideration before deciding on your office security:

What type of business do you run?

We all understand that a security level at a bank and the security needed at a local dry cleaner is very different. But if we put the obvious aside, and just concentrate on small businesses with medium security needs (most local shops, small companies and restaurants fall into this category), we will see that there are still many differences in the security measures we at Enfield Locksmith will advise them to take. To a local dry cleaner our locksmiths in Enfield would probably advise to install a high security lock and an alarm system, however for a small software company located at the same building this solution will not be enough. Enfield Locksmiths will insist on laptop locks, a CCTV system and a vault suitable for media storage. The loss of information should a burglary occur would cause more damage to the company than the loss of the equipment.

Geographical location of your office

This factor has to be taken into consideration not only in the security of residential properties, but also in the commercial ones. In every city there are neighborhoods with higher crime rates than others. As a property owner in this neighborhood you probably understand that in order to keep your property safe you have to put a lot of effort and money into security solutions.

Type of commercial property

If you have a dental clinic in a high profile commercial building with a 24 hour security guard, the security measures you have to take are minimal. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't lock your clinic or have a simple rim lock on your front door, but a good anti snap high security lock will be more than enough in your case. What about a warehouse owner? In his case a commercial locksmith in EN1 will surely advise on a CCTV cameras and few high security locks especially designed for warehouses.

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